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The 10 Kinds of Trolls You Will Encounter When Talking About Mike Brown




CNN REPORTER Fredricka Whitfield interviews the Store Owner’s Lawyer (from the store that was “”“”“”“robbed”“”“”“”“”“”” by “”“”“”“”“”mike brown”“”“”“”“”“)

As the lawyer begins to explain what really happened, cnn “”“”“loses the feed”“”“”“


'We are not suitable candidates for debate. I do not want to offend you. It is probably better that we leave this topic on the table. However, I would encourage you to contact your father to see if he agrees. I would also like to encourage you to open your mind and take an introspective look at yourself. How often do you entertain your black friends? I have many. Do you know anything about the Black Panther's and their relationships to Barack Hussein? How much money does Al Sharpen owe the Federal Government? Have you ever worked? Payed taxes? Paid for rent? A utiltity bill? Health insurance? No offense my dear, but you live in a very small bubble. How many states, or countries have you visited? How many languages do you speak? Should you decide that you want to volley politically with me, I will not take offense. I hope that you will do the same. However, be warned in advance - I am a fierce fighter for freedom, integrity, honesty and above all COMMON SENSE!'

The mother-in-law; seen above.

See also; white woman who had a childhood in the upper-class, ‘ran away’, married a much older and richer gentleman who is now rotting away alone in a retirement home. Has had multiple houses and townhouses. Can go to the beach states away on a damned WHIM.

Yes. Yes, since I don’t agree with your opinion on Ferguson let’s drag my age and lack of experience into this problem. ‘Let’s stop it here’ but make sure to give me those few last childish jabs that will haunt me for the new few fucking weeks. Keep in mind she came onto MY Facebook and just HAD to tell me MY OPINION was wrong and hers was right. When i didn’t AGREE with her it somehow turned into a DEBATE and it was a battle to be ‘won’. I am so fucking tired of her doing this to me. In-laws are the fucking worst. 

YEAH LET’S JUST PLAY THE OH WELL I’M INFORMED ABOUT BLACKS SO I CAN’T BE RACIST CARD. Bitch, you are so fucking racist. You’re always so mean to people in the workforce and you stereotyped blacks on multiple occasions right in front of me. Stop. Your fucking SON had racist tendencies when I first met him. I had to EXPLAIN to him why what his family thought, was so so so wrong. 

I could go on forever but THIS ladies and gentleman is what’s going to fucking eat me up inside for weeks to come. So, THANKS SO MUCH, I can see how much you so desperately love me now! THANK YOU MOTHER-IN-LAW. JUST WHAT I NEEDED. TO BE TOLD I WAS NOT ONLY WRONG FOR BELIEVING THE CITIZENS OF FERGUSON DESERVE BETTER, BUT THAT I AM ALSO A SACK OF SHIT. THANK YOU.

Yes, this was all brought up by me posting about the police brutality in Ferguson. Dude she said this was oppression against the whites earlier, can you fucking. Get a load of this crazy bitch. 

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I was tagged by wingedrivers.

1. are there any doll purchases you regret buying?
Sometimes I regret buying my SD13 boy, because he’s not what I wanted him to be—but I’m not getting rid of him.

2. why are you in the doll hobby?
Fashion and character customization! 

3. which doll is your absolute fav? the doll that would never be sold no matter how much you may need the money?
All of them, to be honest. I’m one of those people that get emotionally attached to things—from wrappers to stuffed animals. One of my MSD girls though that I bought off a friend is very great to work with though, so I usually take her out or whatever the most. 

4. if you could buy another owner’s doll, whose and what doll would you buy?
… I bought a friend’s off her a few years back! Like I said, hahahah.

5. who was your first doll?
Keiko; Doll Family-H MSD. 

6. still own that doll?

7. if you take photos of you doll, which is your favourite photo?


8. do you remember the first doll you ever saw?
In person? The one I bought off my friend that I keep mentioning. Ever? Online… The Doll Master; Korean horror film.

9. any thoughts on the hobby overall?
Fun to do at times… I think some people go overboard and create drama out of boredom. Very expensive. 

10. have you ever considered leaving the hobby?
Multiple times. Funds and lack of activities in the community that I participate in. I get bored and feel like I could’ve spent my money better.

11. buy first and create the character or create the character then buy the doll?
Both kind of? I do both at the same time.


Wingedriver’s questions:

1. Any song that reminds you of your doll?
Not really!!

2. Do you Rp with your dolls?

3. Happiest moment with your doll?

4. Do you make or buy clothes?
Buy all the way.

5. DIY face-ups or send them out or just use factory?
Factory, fiance’s touched up one of them for me since she’s so old. Had body blushing done by fiance and friend before, too.

6. Do you take your dolls camping/vacationing?
Nah, but I used to take them out for photoshoots.

7. Do you do photostories?
No, never had a decent camera. 

8. How are your dolls set up when you don’t play with them?
Neatly set up in a section of our closet. I have two on my dresser at all times though in the bedroom.

9. Are you happy with your dolls?
Overall? Yes! I just wish I could do more with them. After we stopped going to the doll meets and we moved away from renna-kins they just kinda sit…

10. If you had unlimited credit, which doll would you get right now?
Some hot ass SD13 guy with a nice face. Awe yiss.

11. Are your pets allowed near your dolls?

Supervised. All three of my cats are known to chew on things. My rabbit likes to knock stuff over.

Tag: I only know wingedrivers and renna-kins in this hobby omg.



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